Game Adjustments October 12th 2018

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Event Adjustments
  • The activeness reward has been adjusted. Players of 2nd rebirth and above will receive a Daily Quest Token and a Champion Point Pack when logging in, and a Fresh EXP Fruit when using the Chi Token.
  • In the Tower of Mystery, you can quickly refresh the 5-star reward. Players of 2nd rebirth level 140 and above will receive an extra Jade of Spirit when claiming the 5-star reward.
  • The position of Honoring the Ancestors quest has been moved to the altar of Twin City. Players of level 110 and above will receive an extra reward of the Treasury quest.
  • The Treasury quest has been removed.
  • Artifact Purifying Plan will be dropped by monsters in the Dragon Island and Glowtown. You can use it to purify an Artifact with a 100% chance to be improved to Elite quality.

Hunting Adjustments
  • Monsters in all areas will not produce Relic Crystal.

War Adjustments
  • Kingdom War has been removed. Emperor's reward will be given to the winner of Guild War.
  • For the Clan War, the number of occupying families has been adjusted from 2 to 1. The entry fee has been removed.
  • The attribute of BP-disregard has been added to Qualifier and Class PK War.
  • Team Qualifier has been closed. The reward of Qualifier has been improved. The required number of participation times for the participation award has been lowered.

New Mine Cave Blood Mine
Deleted old Mine Cave, added new Mine Cave Mission named Blood Mine to replace Kingdom Mission.
New Mine Cave Blood Mine will open from 10:00 to 21:00.
The winner of Guild War will become the owner of the Mine Cave. The members of the Guild can enter the Mine Cave without payment. The members of other guilds need to pay for entering Mine Cave.
Killing in Mine Cave does not increase PK points. Digging or killing monsters in Mine Cave can result in obtaining ores and relevant items.
Please check out the Guide here:

Other Adjustments

Fee resetting attribute points
Since less Agility points are needed in attribute points and the acquisition of Dragon Balls is easier, the fee of resetting attribute points has been adjusted from 1 Dragon Ball to 10 Dragon Balls.

Unicode Version

PlayConquer will be updated to a Unicode Version. After the update, some special symbols in character names may not show properly. If this happened to your character, please open a Support Ticket and your character name will be changed for free.

Knowledge Pill added to Shopping Mall
Knowledge Pill will be added to the Shopping Mall, the price is 100 CPs each. (Use this pill in Jiang Hu training to avoid getting attributes of lower quality than those before the training.)

Deityland Anti-Break Potion available with Silver
Deityland Anti-Break Potion will be for sale at Pharmacist in Deityland, the price is 800,000 silver each.

Compose Upgrade
Compose system will be upgraded. If players are at the same Composition level, for example +8, the player who has more composition points will receive certain damage advantages according to the compose point difference.

Pirate Skill Upgrade
When pirate equipped with 2 Epic Weapons is in XP status, skills Immortal Force and Sea Burial will not have cooldown, they can be casted continuously.

Deityland Stone Pack Drop Optimization in Deityland
Deityland Stone Pack in Deityland will be put into players inventory directly after drop.

Note: The Activeness Pack will give players an amount of EXP.
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