[EVENT]Warrior Privilege Month

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Warrior Privilege Month

The Privilege Month for the Warriors will be from September 11th to October 7th!
It is the time for the Warriors to enjoy several privileges! Let’s check it out.

Rising Warrior Pack
During the event time, once a warrior logs into game, he will receive a Rising Warrior Pack in his inventory, so make some room in your bag if it is full.
The pack can be opened once a day for 30 days.
Check out what you can get from the pack.

Rebirth Status - Reward
Below 2nd Rebirth Warrior - EndeavorScroll(B), 2 Hours of Double EXP, 1 Hour of EXP Protection
2nd Rebirth Warrior or Above - EndeavorScroll(B), 2 Hours of Double EXP, 1 Hour of EXP Protection, 500 Chi Points
Note: EXP Protection allows you to not lose EXP when killed by other players.

Warrior Equipment Shopping Rush
MerchantPakku (317,240) Twin City, VIPEnvoy (321,240) Twin City

You can buy normal equipments from MerchantPakku and bound equipments from VIPEnvoy, check out the detail below.



Note: there is no limit for how many items you can purchase from the NPCs.

Exclusive Quest for Warriors
TreasuryKeeper (313,240) Twin City

From September 8th to October 7th, once a warrior use 7 Chi Tokens, he will get a Warrior Star Token, give it to Treasury Keeper to enter Warrior Treasury.

Note: The Token will expire in 24 hours, make sure you use it in time!

Keep in mind that you can only stay in the Treasury for 10 seconds!
The rewards scatter on the ground, what you need to do is picking up as many as you can, make sure you have enough rooms in your bag before you enter the treasury!
There are so many rewards, pay attentions and pick better rewards up first!

Check out the list of the rewards:
Normal Gems, Meteor, Vigor Pill, Diligence Book, 10 min EXP Pack, Training Talent Pack, Training Course Pack, 60 min EXP Pack, Refined Gems, 100 Study Points Pack, Free Training Pill, 100 Chi Points Pack, Sash Fragment (S), 300 Chi Points Pack, Secret CP Pack (Open to get a random amount of CPs of CPs(B) between 1 and 88), +2 Stone, Dragon Ball, 500 Study Points Pack
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