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Legend has it that the first dragon named Torch was made up of many different types of animal parts and can control the rain, the wind, and the flood.
When Torch fell into its eternal rest, its body magically turned into radiant Animae.
Animae are divided into 18 phases with increasing auspicious power, and can be embedded into any type of equipment to provide special bonus attributes. The higher the phase of an Anima, the greater it can improve the equipment.

How to Obtain
You may collect Animae from specific events or by killing monsters on Dragon Island and Deityland, or purchase Animae from the CP Mall.
You also have a chance to upgrade Anima in the Dragon Furnace (TC 350,420).

Please note that:
1. P1 to P5 Animae can be collected by monster hunting.
2. P1 to P11 Animae are sold for CP in the CP Mall in the game.
3. P12 Animae and above can be obtained by forging, fusing or smelting lower-phase Animae in the Dragon Furnace.

Anima Embedding
Open the Forging interface and select the Anima tab on which you can embed, upgrade or disassemble your Animae.
After that, you need to choose the equipment that you want to embed an Anima from the inventory on the right, and then click the “Embed” button to complete.
Animae can be embedded into weapon, armor, headgear, boots, ring, and necklace.

Anima Effects
Animae are magic stones formed by spiritual pieces of the First Dragon. They are divided into 18 phases. The Animae of higher phase provides greater bonus attributes to the equipment when embedded.

Bonus Attributes
There are 18 phases of Animae that can be embedded into equipment and provides bonus attributes, such as P-Attack, M-Attack, P-Defense, M-defense and HP. The higher the phase of the embedded Anima, the greater it can improve the equipment.

Bonus BP
High-quality Anima can also enhance the character’s Battle Power, and even increase the Battle Power 35.

Official BP Share:
According to the total anima level, heroes can get Official BP Share.

Total Anima Level is the total amount of your anima level which embed in your main equipments.

The BP Share formula:
Official BP Share=(425-Your BP)*BP Share Percent
For example, your BP is 350 and total Anima Level is 21.
So you can share 15 BP by this function.

Updated UI
Character interface is updated with the release of Anima system. The interface background varies according to the phase of Anima you equipped, and even a dynamic background will be unlock when your Anima reaching a certain phase.

Buy Anima with CP
There is an in-game Anima Store in which P1 to P11 Animae are sold for CP.

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