1. T

    Event Anima Quest Gouki[PM]

    Event Anima Quest Is this event a problem or what? Where can I find it inside the game?
  2. Evil

    I've got suggestions To back The Best

    1-We want to return the Vote For cps 2-Forgive all Player who get Banned or Botjail 3-Npc to Moving Accounts between Servers 4-Close Anniversary_EU And Celebration_US 5-And give the players who are in the closed Servers a chance.Moving For the other Servers
  3. S


  4. M

    PlayConquer_BR buying out game

  5. M

    game cannot open

    The game cannot open in any server why?
  6. hossam love

    Selling out of game

    This email sells millions out of the game Server BR
  7. Eslam Venom

    Me Help Gouki[PM] My Acc Band Why ?!

    I want to retrieve my account why it was banned 12... !!!! Why did this happen? I have been cut off from account for a long time and when I get back I am banned without any right. How is this?
  8. mostafa yousef

    The game is locked

    Is the game stopped
  9. aelmidany

    This person displays an account for public sale

    This person displays an account for public sale DwightFrye
  10. J

    Attention ffs!!!!!

    Gouki and xiao9 please fix your chi system! Nothing more to say
  11. Hano

    Gouki check this Thread

    why you don't check Support Tickets 3-day ago and no answer !!! - in The new ticket There should be buttons to edit the the words - Also you must add something new button to delete this ticket - Because if some one share has account can anyone log in this site and see all tickets - i hope...
  12. Hano

    TraderScammer >> ZPaDy^

    Player >> ZPaDy^ Server: PlayConquer_EU Gouki[PM]
  13. H


    Hey Gouki i want to buy vip4tokens for 300 dolars but i dont know how to buy Can you help me?
  14. D

    We Need New Server

    we need a new server to play like a conquer online when will gm do the new server ?
  15. M

    Garments on Site

    why there is only few garments on site why we not have other garments we dont have to wait for events to get garments we like we want more garments for 10$ on site
  16. G


    i have problem i dont know what happen in my outlook when i try to reset my pw i send the link to my email in outlook but i check my email and i dont see any link and i check all folders but now i try to make new account with other email in outlook but again i open my email and i dont see any...
  17. km22224444

    الاكونت خد بند 12

    اسم الاكونت من بره lolokoko خد بان من غير أي سبب كان بيلم سي بي اس وهو في أي بي 4 عايز اعرف سبب البان واي طريقة ممكن ارجعه بيها Gouki[PM]
  18. G

    Bug Vote

    when i vote i dont take any gift i vote like 5 time 3 minute and dont give me anything
  19. S

    The game is so difficult

    im not sure if any of the game staff will see this but im wondering did any of the GMs tried to build a char. by hunting monsters, even with a vip4, it so damn difficult so please increase the rate a little, just a little i do understand its a hard server but its annoying as fuck when u hunt for...