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  1. WhatsMyName?

    Costumer Service ??

    I was wondering if you guys are in such trouble to handle our cases, why dont you make the website manually, so we can change our infos, transfer vips and other things ... its not a hard job and will decrease alot the mount of tickets, since many of them is for that... and will help us too...
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    Seriously guys, you are changing our host every single time, making all the brs leaving server, and now you have lated our time server 1 hour more, so what you guys want ? is another EU server there ? because this has leave BR from far away at a long time ago, this is no longer a BR server or...
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    New Events ???

    Gouki you are saying "soon" since a month ago, so can you tell at least what we are gonna get ? its the new epics pirate comming ? gonna have db promotion ? what we gonna have ?
  4. WhatsMyName?

    PlayConquer_BR B> RobeofDarkness[Hades] etc...

    B> RobeofDarkness[Hades] / VIP4 Token / WingedFrostCatArmor at PlayConquer_BR interested whisper me please at #26NightCore#26
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  6. WhatsMyName?

    Is that a bug ? WTF

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    Free Macro

    The reckless of the PlayCo Team are becoming annoyng, imagine my vip geting few cps the all day, while those nobs are there making cps like water... GM's doesnt care, they are doing nothing, i dont know why, its a shame see that.. every where you go now, you see this its easy, if they open...
  8. WhatsMyName?

    Super Guild War

    PlayConquer_BR SGW 31/03/2018
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    PlayConquer Fall

    I know they wont care for this post, but its not for them, its for the new players and the old ones... we have in our hand a wonderful server, and its a shame see the server falling down, for: no support, no events, hacker to everywhere. I started here as few know at October, 2015 when it had...
  10. WhatsMyName?

    Yellow Runes

    Why we cant drop out those runes ? i saw at Conquer Online that if we drop this on the groung and pick up again the progress would be clearly... based on that, i bought an NoMercy Rune +4 so i could drop and pickup it +1 so i could just change for the Witchery Rune, but when i tried to drop the...
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    Why dont put all the expballs to EXP Bank from Mentor Reward ? i mean, if you are Level 140, all ExpBalls you use from now would go to Mentor Reward, doing that, always when you need to reencarnated you can just open and select to use the expballs you need!
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    Skill Fire Of Hell

    I finally got it, thx to @Diabolos >< I know alot people dont know which skill is this one, its an very old skill for Fire which now are becoming a good skill with new Runes...
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    So as i already said before, i'm looking for the skill book fire of hell, but this is INSANE to find, i have my vips and i'm curious with exactly option i should select on AUTO HUNTING so it can collect the book if drop out...
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    daaam gm, i really want to buy few tokens but i always buy with credit card, and with this bitcoin we cant buy daaam i need tokeeeeenssssssssssssssss
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    Fire of Hell Skill Book

    Where i can find this ???
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    Where Events ?

    Seriously GM's ? We spend almost a month waiting for some events and you guys made it for like 7days ? not even in the Conquer 3.0 was just 7 days, i understand you have to made some modifies to fill it up to our private server but less days of event in an server which has never an event ...
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    New Runes Progress

    It seems that is all level progress for the runes, i didnt follow all the progress while i was uplvl my runes so.... If have something wrong please tell me to fix
  18. WhatsMyName?

    Where the players ?

    Well let me tell something, when i came to this conquer, it was only the +12 gears and souls (chi & jiang) and with that, the drop was ok... it was very balanced, but now we have perfection and runes, new players won't do all this job to play an private conquer... they wont start now, to have...
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    BR Server still with wrong time zone